Militainment Game Design Competition 2022

Funded by Canada's Department of National Defence and the University of British Columbia's Okanagan Campus.

The Militainment Game Design Competition 2022 offers a unique opportunity to emerging game developers to showcase their creativity and skills. We are inviting game developers (teams or individuals) to submit game ideas that foster broader public interest for wide ranges of military occupations (see resource list below). The delivery of the proposed game ideas is open and could be in the form of mini-games, multi-player role-playing games, strategy games, among others.

The core requirements for the game template include realistically portraying military characters as confident, disciplined, and focused individuals, who remain eager and passionate to engage in humanitarianism to assist people and communities during natural disasters, such as flood, forest fire, among others. It is also imperative to include racial, age, gender, and religious inclusivity among the military characters.


2022 Call for Submissions

Game developers are to submit a video, including closed captions, of their designed game as well as a proof of original concept.

The top three teams shall receive contracts equivalent to the amounts below to further develop their proposed game into a functionable prototype:

  1. Winner $3,000
  2. First runner-up $1, 000
  3. Second runner-up $500


Important dates

February 15, 2022 Competition Opens
May 31, 2022 Submission Deadline*
June 10, 2022 Final Decisions
June 17, 2022 Presentations & Award Ceremony

*All times are 23:59 Pacific Standard Time (PST).


Submission requirements

  • A 3-minute demo video for a gameplay.
  • 110MB maximum submission size, including all parts of the submission.
  • Executable game (optional, yet strongly recommended) with mandatory 4-5 page long technical requirements and installation description.
  • Submissions are NOT anonymous and must be submitted using the portal below.

Submission portal


competition Criteria

  1. The game has to be new. Games from previous contests may not be submitted to the Militainment Game Design Competition.
  2. Teamwork is allowed. There is no limit to the number of teammates in a single team. Collaboration with professionals and domain experts are welcome.
  3. The competition is open to a variety of game developer profiles. All game developers at various stages of their careers (including students, early-career game developers, established game developers) can submit their work.
  4. The game must be understood by non-technical jurors. This implies that reviewers, jury members, and conference attendees are able to understand the game, or at least a part of the game, in order to have a meaningful experience. A fully finished game is not required at this time; a playable demo or demo level is sufficient.
  5. The game must contain a meaningful digital component. Paper prototypes or games without a digital component are not eligible.
  6. Gamers may rely on their preferred game engines (e.g. Unreal, XNA, Unity 3D), dev kits and interaction technologies.
  7. The game can run on any platform (PC, Mac, console, tablet, PDA, etc.).
  8. All formats are welcome. Due to the online conference format, games that utilize custom hardware or require additional equipment (e.g. virtual reality headsets, self-made artifacts and controllers) may not be accessible to reviewers, jury members and conference attendees and may need to be played by the designers during the livestream, in order to be evaluated.
  9. Inclusivity is required. Please use inclusive language throughout your submission and avoid using gendered discriminative language, ageism language, ableist language, and racialized and/or religious terminology.
  10. Permissions are required. Before submitting a game, game developers must have obtained the permission of all persons or entities having any rights in the game. Submissions must not contain proprietary or confidential material.


adjudication process

  • Submissions will be juried. All identifying information about authors must NOT be anonymized before submission.
  • After the compeition, the 2-3 minute long gameplay videos and relevant documents will be archived in the Militainment Game Design Competition Digital Library.



Please direct any questions to the Competition Coordinator:

Dr. Matt Husain

program sponsor