UBC STAR is a research, development and demonstration (R&D&D) initiative that develops technology products, standards and strategies. Our university sector researchers and partners integrate their applied expertise in the use of intelligent materials, sensors and decision-support to enable near-and long-term response to human performance challenges.

advanced machining & fabrication

Advanced machining can produce more durable parts and prototypes than the additive manufacturing (3D printing) process and can be used to shape various materials (metals, woods, plastics) for one-off or small-batch part fabrication.

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Product Design & Rapid Prototyping

The ability to rapidly visualize new configurations, components and untested devices in a computer simulated environment becomes increasingly valuable when prototypes can be rapidly outputted and tested in real-world scenarios. With advances in additive manufacturing technologies (3D printers), envisioned concepts can be held, manipulated and tested, closely mimicking mass-produced parts.

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Device, Materials & Impact Testing

The ability to simulate stressful impacts, dynamic forces and potentially destructive factors in both computer simulated and real-world testing environments is critical to enhancing human protection in extreme environments.

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