We are a consortium of university researchers working directly with partners to co-create applied reseach agendas and develop scalable solutions for application in health, sport and defence.

Our Mission

To match world-class academic excellence, advanced equipment and emerging partner technologies to improve human protection and performance in extreme environments.

Our Vision

To be a globally recognized catalyst for university R&D collaboration that supports partner organizations in the development of high-impact technologies and solutions that saves lives.

Our Platform

There are three key components that enable us to see beyond traditional boundaries, ask bigger questions, and fast-track the R&D process so innovative leaps can occur.

Global Research Network

Our researchers work across a range of disciplines and have connections to subject matter experts around the world.

Partner Organizations

Our partners bring valuable data and insights to each challenge we pursue and are invested in the long-term success and outcomes of our research.

Facilities & Equipment

We have access to a unique inventory of laboratories, advanced technology and equipment, including 3D scanners and printers, rapid prototyping and a world-class impact, blast and ballistics lab.