Our multi-disciplinary research platform consists of researchers, partners and world-class technical resources working together to solve present and future challenges in a range of sectors and disciplines.

Step 1: We create Opportunities

We collaborate with researchers to understand their research goals and priorities and develop strategies to maximize the impact of UBC innovation.

We cultivate partnership opportunities that are aligned with our R&D vision and suited to the academic interests of our researchers.

We facilitate strategic relationship building and help connect researchers and partners, from one-to-one introductions to hosting annual group symposiums.

Step 2: We Mobilize Resources

We assemble and support multi-disciplinary research teams who work directly with solution seekers in the public, private, and non-profit sectors to co-create, innovate and problem-solve.

Our university industry liaison office helps shape and structure dynamic and flexible partnership agreements that meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Depending on the nature of the project, we can also provide assistance in identifying and applying for additional funding sources and providing strategic leadership advice to startups and companies looking to scale up or diversify.


We leverage the expertise of our UBC research teams and extended partner networks around the world to bring university research insight and facilities to bear on practical problems. Each relationship and project is a ‘custom built’, recognizing the speed of environmental change faced by our industry partners and the identifiable needs that can be addressed through emerging basic research.

Each relationship and project benefits from our understanding that problems are not bound by disciplines. We are holistic thinkers drawing expertise from across UBC to tackle every aspect of multi-dimensional challenges. From new materials development, rapid prototyping and protective equipment fit and comfort, to hazard-sensing, improved decision-making processes, and validation of complex computational analysis and simulation, our research experts and technical teams bring ideas to life.

Step 4: We Catalyze Innovation

We benchmark our success by translating research into practice and are deeply committed to achieving successful outcomes for our partners and collaborators. While we don’t take products to market, we provide valuable decision-support, commercialization advice and implementation recommendations that ensure our research outcomes have the greatest opportunity for impact and benefit to Canadians.