Our Focus

We pilot new models of technical and social innovation on multiple scales, from personal protection and human performance to community-level resilience and-long-term regional planning.

Our consultative and interdisciplinary approach to R&D has led to cross-sectoral advancements in a variety of sectors, including defense, health and sport.

These include human performance in extreme environments, advanced materials and manufacturing, and disaster foresight and recovery.


Intelligent materials

Advances in composites, nano-materials, additive manufacturing and the internet of things are opening up new pathways to the next generation of protective materials capable of communicating in their operating environments.

Before and after disaster

From individual to regional crisis, we work to create a better understanding of the causes of crisis that lead to injury and the conditions of resilience that enable a more expedient return to normal. From better sport and military helmets to new standards for measuring pilot fatigue, we convene cross-sectoral dialogue to ask the right questions and turn complex challenges into solvable problems.


Having the tools to detect hazards and protect humans is just the beginning to taming a hazard: we help implement and adapt strategies that put our understanding of hazards to use. We take a holistic approach to supporting rapid hazard-response, whether it’s building standards for hazard reporting or creating new organizational approaches and tactics to respond to changing threats from wildfire, pandemic or criminal activity.