Stop the presses: a safe industrial workplaces

Industrial equipment can be big, powerful and dangerous. Often, the safety controls are in the form of mechanical buttons that can shut things down immediately.But what if you can’t reach the button when you need to?That’s a safety challenge taken up by Dr. Jahangir Hossain and Dr. Thomas Johnson of UBC’s Okanagan School of Engineering and STAR industrial affiliate Helios Global Technologies. They have helped develop a wireless-based emergency stop system for industrial machinery that has just completed its first set of field tests.

The basic concept is to enable an individual to carry a wireless handset that communicates directly with a wireless receiver, which is in turn integrated with a standard emergency stop button.

The system will react in the same manner as a manual emergency stop system and immediately shut down any machine that currently uses an emergency stop system.

This application is not intended to replace existing emergency stop systems; rather it will add an additional feature and level of safety for the operator of an industrial machine.