STAR Resources and Facilities

STAR has four facilities, with equipment integrated into existing UBC labs.

STAR Incubator
STAR Impact Research Facility (SIRF)
World-class Media Production and Communications Systems

New Product Design and Rapid Prototyping

The ability to rapidly visualize new configurations, components, and untested devices in a computer environment only becomes valuable when they can be rapidly outputted with a number of new technologies that allow real world testing of prototypes. With advances in additive manufacturing technologies (or “3D Printers”), envisioned concepts can be held, manipulated and tested, closely mimicking mass-produced parts.

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Advanced Materials and Fabrication

    • Advanced Machining
    • Civil Materials / Construction
    • Flow Modelling and Measurement

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Device and Materials Testing and Impact

In STAR, the ability to simulate stressful impacts, dynamic forces, and potentially destructive factors in both real world testing, as well as computer simulation, is critical.

  • STAR Impact Research Facility (SIRF)
  • Materials Imaging

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Mental Health and Human Performance

STAR equipment supplements and expands the applied research currently being conducted in three physiology laboratories, two research centers, and one mental health treatment clinic at UBC Okanagan.
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